Preparing for your Boudoir Session!

First- check out the Boudoir Gallery page for ideas on what my other boudoir sessions look like.

I have also curated some stunning boudoir inspiration on my Pinterest board- feel free to create your own board and pin your favorite ideas, as well as share your favorites with me so I can get a vibe of what you're going for!

5+ days before your Session:

If you are getting a tattoo or piercing soon, please ensure your appointment is at least 2 weeks prior to your session to avoid photos with infected, cracked, or peeling skin.

If you wax, please do so a few days before to avoid any bumpiness or redness.

• Make sure your eyebrows are nicely shaped and groomed (watch for strays!)

If you are planning to go to a salon for a haircut or color, please do so at least 5 days before your session to make sure you are happy with the outcome--and if not, it allows you to reschedule within the required 3 days before the session.

If you are planning a salon manicure or pedicure, try to steer clear of French tips or individual fingers (ex: Ring Finger) being painted differently than the rest of the hand. These tend to draw too much attention to the hands and we want to focus on you!

All that is really needed however is having your hands and feet neatly groomed

(cut, polished, and skin smooth-- not rough).

STAY OUT OF THE SUN - While a tan is nice to some, red burned skin with sunburn or peeling skin is not-- however if this has already occurred, feel free to let me know in advance so I can recommend ways to calm the skin and ensure I pay attention to this while doing the session!


It will ALWAYS look blotchy and uneven on camera.

• Drink plenty of water and limit alcohol & salt intake if you are concerned with water retention, however, do not skip meals before a Session!


You want to ensure your outfits fit how you like at least 5 days before your session to ensure proper fit. The LAST thing you want is to start your session, trying on clothes that don't fit and no longer feeling confident anymore in your outfits.

The day BEFORE your Session:

• Bathe (or shower) and moisturize.

If you shave, this is the time to do it. (Shaving anything is not required!)

CUT OFF AND REMOVE all tags, sizes & care labels from outfits, especially from lingerie and panties. They ruin an otherwise amazing shot!

(Especially those La Senza and Victoria's Secret 2-inch long pink tags).

**Failure to do so means I will be doing this during session time, which takes away from photography time.

• Double-check that everything is packed; Shoes, outfits, lingerie, accessories, etc

• Try to enjoy a relaxed, quiet evening.

• Aim for a good night's rest- 8 hours is ideal.

(Melatonin always helps me sleep when I have nerves.)

The Day OF your Session:

• Wear clear deodorant, please (or deodorant that promises no white marks!)

• Wear loose-fitting clothing before your session to avoid tight marks on your skin.

(NO TIGHT jeans, tight socks, tight clothing, or bras with tight straps)

PLEASE EAT BEFORE YOUR SESSION. Aim for a light but filling meal and drink water. There are too many clients who will skip meals for fear of bloat and then feel lightheaded or sick during their session because they avoided eating beforehand.

If you are concerned about feeling bloated, steer clear of salty foods and drink water. ♥

• Brush your teeth after you eat! The day gets busy, but the last I would want for someone is to do everything on the list and forget this important step: I photograph laughter and smiles too!

• If you have requested an HMUA from me (or you hired your own separately) ensure you have a clean face and avoid putting your hair up.

If you have hired your own HMUA separately, ensure they arrive at LEAST 90 minutes before your scheduled session so that your artist has ample time with you and nobody is rushed.

• If you haven't already sent in your final outstanding balance, please have the payment ready before the session starts (either via Cash or Etransfer.)

• PLEASE STRETCH BEFOREHAND. Yoga or light stretching is extremely recommended--sometimes holding a certain pose or moving a specific way can feel like a workout, and I am often told about how my clients feel like they've used muscles they didn't even realize they had! So be sure to stretch and make sure you are warmed up and limber for your session! A relaxing shower or bath is definitely a GREAT idea the night after your Session--- you deserve some self-care pampering!

• Most important: Take a DEEP breath, and RELAX.

It is completely normal and expected for nerves to happen, rest assured you will be in good hands. I will guide your posing, and work with you to get the shot.

Here are some tips that will maximize your preparation for your Session!

• Visualize the clothing, shoes and accessories you will want for your session.

Flip through your favourite fashion magazines or Pinterest to discover different ways to pair colours, fabrics and styles for a look that fits your esthetic.

• Shop your closet first for the items you instinctively collect when you want to look

(or feel) your most confident.

If that means you are most confident in the nude, or topless, that is 100% fine with me-

Allow your imagination to roam!

• Whenever possible, if you are bringing outfits with colour, try to pair your outfits to their complementary colour- ex: blue with orange, red with green, or purple with yellow. This not only makes the outfit pop but it ties the look together confidently. Try it with a complimentary heel or statement necklace!

• Experiment with textures, colours, and prints-- but please avoid distracting graphics and clothing with brand names or logos. This is distracting and takes away from YOU.

• If there is something you would like to include in your session that personalizes your experience, such as a prop or jersey, let me know. I'd rather focus on you, however, if you REALLY want to use props, I prefer items that are personal and important to YOU, ex: if you are an artist, having a paintbrush in the session, or if you are a musician, your instrument, etc.

• Caprina loves matchy-matchy. If you do not have the corresponding top or bottom to what you want to wear, try to find something in the same colour or complementary colour. If you are unsure, do not hesitate to message me! I love to help, especially with wardrobe and accessories!

Outfit Vendor Recommendations!


• Cintra May's (163 Main St W North Bay, ON)

• The Annex (172 Main St W, North Bay, ON)

• La Senza (Northgate Mall, North Bay, ON)

• Urban Planet (Northgate Mall, North Bay, ON)

• Le Chateau- Heels & Accessories (Northgate Mall, North Bay, ON)

• La Vie en Rose (Northgate Mall, North Bay, ON)

• Penningtons (955 McKeown Ave, North Bay, ON)

• Winners (850 McKeown Ave, North Bay, ON)















Final Suggestions


I have a personal love for bodysuits in any and all sizes and shapes.

Bodysuits are playful, form-fitting, and fit almost any style of Boudoir.


These tend to make clients look wider on camera than in person and because they are not form-fitting they won't always look quite right in photos. This also goes for neon or bright outfits. Try to steer clear of the hot pink or the sultry purple, unless it is a statement piece that compliments the rest of the outfit.


Please avoid Gstring or Tstring underwear, and instead opt for either cheeky panties, thongs with a triangle back, or high rise.


Corsets are beautiful, but I find more often than not they take a long time to put on/take off, they tend to leave marks on the skin (If you decide to change up your outfit midway through) and they are stiff and harder to pose in. Please be wary.


Chose and bring only what makes YOU feel confident and empowered.

If that's a lacy black lingerie set, cool. If it's boyshorts and a sports top, that's awesome! If you prefer being in the nude, alright with me. If you are more inclined to wear a suit blazer and pants, we will ROCK that!

Please do not assume just because you only see feminine outfits here that it is all I photograph-- I have only been able to publicly show 3% of my boudoir work online and in print so far, and therefore I have not been able to visually represent everyone as of yet.

These are merely suggestions!

I want YOU to feel like YOU, and that means whatever YOU feel most powerful in.