in boudoir photography that is artful, sensual, and full of emotion. 

Whether it's a session for an individual or a session for partners, we will guide you through the process.

From pre-session planning on how you would like your session to look,

adding in hair/makeup if you would like that celebrity treatment, to how to prepare for the session,

to delivering amazing art products like gorgeous canvases or a spicy album for a special someone,

we'll work hard to ensure you have an amazing time, and feel like an absolute divine being!



With personal experience in neurodivergence, the LGBTQ+ community, and the Ontario Disabilities Act, you can feel comfortable choosing Rebel Muse Studio for your photography needs.

In addition to the Studio being in an accessible space (wide doors, elevator access, props and accessories within reach, etc) we aim to host marathon sessions in locations that are accessible by wheelchair. Rebel Muse Studio also blocks off extra time for every session so that nothing is rushed and that you receive the best attention and care for your session!

We do not discriminate against ANYONE and work hard to ensure EVERYONE feels welcome!