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Empowerment Session

This is not your typical "portrait" session-- this is better.

Empowerment is just that----a session that brings you unbound confidence, therefore anything goes-- from elaborate costumes to jeans and a tee, you tell me how to help you feel powerful.

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Want to know how to prepare for your Session?

Click the link below to read the session prep guides!


Where are you based?

The Studio is in Downtown North Bay at 133 Main Street West (Upstairs in unit 201) in the yellow walkway building between Main/Oak. (Across from Goodglaze/Block Public House)
I am also open to travel- Inquire within.

What is included in a Session?

All Sessions includes 2-hour session time, posing guidance, and a private online gallery to choose your fav 20 images.

• Solo Boudoir and Partnered Boudoir also include access to the Client Closet!

• Erotica/Fetish sessions include access to the Client Closet, session-specific props, as well as a safety coordinator on site!

• Hair and Makeup is available as an add-on service! Inquire today!

How do I book a Session?

Just click the "Book Session" button on any of the pages and follow the prompts. A Non-Refundable booking fee will be required to hold your date/time at the time of booking, as well as the Contract signed.
If for any reason you are unable to complete the online booking, please contact me for alternate arrangements!

How long is a Session?

A Session is booked for 2 hours, however, you may not need the whole time to get a variety of quality unique poses and looks.
2 hour free parking is available on the Oak Street parking lot-- just be sure to put the free parking pass on your dashboard from the parking meter or you may receive a parking ticket.

Is there Parking?

YES! Conveniently there is 2hr free parking on Oak Street beside the Museum, Lot 2 (Zone 7054) and there is plenty of on-street parking on both Main and Oak. (Zone 7051)
I always recommend using the Passport Parking Canada App with either Zones 7051 or 7054 for less hassle or worry about going overtime and running back out to feed a meter.

Do you offer Payment options?

I break up the Session Fees via Booking Fee, so that only the booking fee is required to hold your time/date, and then the remainder is due before the Session.
As for Products and Collections, I offer ClearPay which allows you to buy now, pay later!

Do you Photoshop?

My goal is to help empower you, and show you that you are beautiful just as you currently are. This means that I don't want you to wait until you've lost weight, or until you've had body mod surgery, etc.
So, for that sake I only edit temporary things that would be gone within a week. I also understand not everyone is ready for minimum editing so I offer magazine-style retouching for $50 PER hour PER round of revisions.
••• For those who have experienced something traumatic and require extra care--please don't hesitate to request something to be edited/removed.

Will my images be shared online?

I ONLY share images that clients have given me written permission to use, how, and where. An Image Permissions Form is emailed to every client following their Gallery Reveal-- and this consent form MUST be filled out by every client each time. It is Studio Policy that any client who wishes to work with Rebel Muse Studio must complete an Image Permissions Form after every session to ensure clear boundaries on how they want the images from that Session to be treated. There is the option for images to be private use/not shared. I take personal privacy and consent VERY seriously.

What is your turnaround time?

I always quote 14 business days, however I've been known to be pretty quick with editing!

What gear do you use?

• For photography, I use my Canon Full-Frame camera with a few different lenses to change up the perspective/look. I also am known for using additional lighting (Flash, LED Continuous, etc) on top of whatever environmental light is available at the time (Windowlight, etc).

• For Filming/Motion I use my iPhone 15 with a Gimbal to ensure a steady shot, and I often use environmental light available as well as LED/Continuous light.

What kind of Products do you offer?

I offer Wall Art (Canvas, Framed prints, Metal Prints, Acrylic Prints, etc) as well as Matted Print Portfolios, Albums, High Resolution USB Collections, Table Frames with additional Prints, etc, but I love unique ideas, and I'm always up for a challenge or cool idea as a Product! Just ask!

Do you have a Client Wardrobe?

YES! I currently have items from size XS- 4XL, however, I can't guarantee items will fit every body (yet). For this reason, I always ask you to bring in your own outfits as well (whatever makes you feel most confident!) and we can mix and match, accessorize and have a grand time! If you don't own anything that makes you feel confident, I can always recommend shops locally or online that you WILL adore!

What if I don't know how to pose?

My JOB is to direct and show you how to position yourself, so don't worry about how to pose your body or how to position your face. All you need to do is show up, and trust that I will guide you. I always show you the pose when I can and I will also ALWAYS ask if I can adjust your hair, adjust your outfit, or adjust your position if miscommunication happens. A Photographer should NEVER touch a Client without asking first to adjust, and only if absolutely necessary to avoid too many wardrobe adjustments pauses during a Session.

How long in advance should I book?

It is always best to book a Session 3-6 weeks in advance to allow for time for looking for outfits, etc.! However if this is for a special someone or occasion, keep in mind that images can take an additional 14 business days to edit AFTER your Session date, and image products are an additional time after editing, depending on size and complexity!

What if I don't want to wear Lingerie?

My number one priority is that you wear whatever helps you feel the MOST Confident and Empowered! That is not always lingerie for everyone, so bring in what makes you feel like your best self, and we'll create some magic!

What are your rules on nudity?

Sessions do NOT require nudity, and therefore you will never be asked to do something you are uncomfortable with. I send a questionairre before your Session asking what you are currently comfortable with, so that I have an idea of where you are at-- this is not by any means where you have to STAY at in terms of comfort, if you decide you are confident in going further or closing up a bit during your Session! You can always get as naked or as clothed up as YOU would like. YOU are the one in control of your Session and your comfort level!

How many outfits do I get to change into?

I prefer to allow for at least 30 minutes for each look, so for a two hour session that allows for a maximum of 4 different looks. So that can be 3 outfits and nude, or however you would like to split that up!

Can my Partner or Friend come?

In theory, this sounds like it would be fun, but we find that sometimes when there is an audience, our clients hold back. We really want you to let loose, have fun, and enjoy this time and not worry about entertaining your Partner. We promise you that our team is the best around and you will feel so comfortable in our space! We believe this time is for you to be pampered and focus on YOU with no distractions! If you need special assistance or a support person, please let us know ahead of time so we can make the necessary accommodations.

Whats the difference between Boudoir and Erotica/Fetish/Kink?

The difference between Boudoir and Erotica is that we will not turn a Boudoir Experience into an Erotic Experience during an active Session- Ever. If you decide to upgrade your Solo Boudoir Session into Erotica or Partnered before the Session date, you will be required to pay the difference no later than the day of the Session as well as sign a new Contract.

Do you have a different question?

If you have more questions, feel free to email me at: OR fill out the Book Session form and include your question in there!